Real Estate Law

We conduct due diligence for property purchases, represent and coordinate property purchase transactions (drafting contracts, coordinating with interested parties and institutions) and oversee rental, contracting, and subcontracting transactions.

We also advise on territorial planning and land law issues.

Experience based advice

We leverage our extensive experience in real estate to provide our clients advice on a wide range of real estate issues. What is more, with a team composed of experts with extensive experience of the National Land Service, we can provide real insider insights.


Our small team of experienced lawyers combine their expertise to represent clients in even the most complex transactions of buying, selling or leasing property.

We always strive for the best results for our clients

When representing a client in negotiations or drafting contracts, we strive to achieve the best possible result. We offer our clients solutions that help their businesses to gain the greatest results at the lowest cost.

We know our job

When it comes to providing expert legal advice, knowledge is key. That is why we are constantly updating our expertise via new qualifications and the analysis of the latest legal regulations and case law.

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