I work in a banking and finance group where I consult Lithuanian and foreign clients on problematic aspects related to finance, corporate, transactional, and real estate law, as well as other issues related to operational execution.

Throughout my legal career in law firms, I have provided consultations on various corporate law issues – from acquisitions, mergers, and/or sales of companies to internal structures and shareholder relationships, thereby helping clients solve both everyday and complex issues.

I successfully completed my master’s studies in law at Vilnius University, and later, I enhanced my knowledge at ISM University of Management and Economics, where I obtained a master’s degree in Business Management. I am also currently a member of the Vilnius City Municipal Council.

ISM University of Management and Economics, Lithuania (Master's degree in Business Management)
Vilniaus University, Lithuania (Master’s degree in Law)
Professional activities
from 2023
Law firm Šenavičius ir partneriai RESPONSE, Associate
from 2023
Member of the Vilnius City Municipality Council
Law firm "Norkus ir partneriai COBALT", Associate
Law firm " NOOR legal", Junior Associate