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The recent guidelines from the European Banking Authority (EBA) for crypto-asset service providers

The recent guidelines from the European Banking Authority (EBA) for crypto-asset service providers (“CASPs”) mark a crucial step in fortifying combat against money laundering (“ML”) and terrorist financing (“TF”) efforts. Key takeaways:


– Navigating Risk Factors: The guidelines outline factors influencing ML/TF risks based on the nuances of products, services, and transactions, offering insights into customer-related risk factors.


– Strategic Risk Mitigation: Clearly defined conditions are addressed to reduce ML/TF risks in both high and low-risk jurisdictions. Guidelines explain risk mitigation measures, including blockchain analytics tools.


– Non-EU Transaction Focus: CASPs must follow Title I guidelines for transactions involving high-risk non-EU countries.


– Precision in Record-Keeping: CASPs are mandated to uphold detailed records beyond ledgers, ensuring addresses link to identifiable private keys.


– Tackling Distribution Channel Risks: Specific distribution channels, such as non-compliant remote customer onboarding, are pinpointed, emphasizing risk mitigation.



These guidelines will serve as a benchmark for supervisors assessing the adequacy and effectiveness of CASPs’ risk management controls. As the MiCA Regulation looms, CASPs should remain vigilant, paying particular attention to identifying, assessing, and effectively managing ML/TF risks. For expert guidance in navigating these complexities, contact our team at Response Legal.

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