I specialize in the fields of Dispute Resolution, Bankruptcy & Restructuring, Public Procurement, Real Estate, CommercialandAdministrative law.

I have extensive professional experience in representing clients in various types of litigation, arbitration and negotiation cases. When representing a client, I always strive to provide professional, understandable and accurate advice, and a quality service that is in thebest interests of the client.

I have been practicing law since 2009, advising many Lithuanian and international clients.. I have worked on some of the largest litigation cases in Lithuania, in terms of both the amount of the dispute and the nature of the dispute. .
Jose galėjau pasinaudoti
Moreover, I have experience of working across the Baltic region, having worked in one of the largest law firms in Lithuania, as well as a leading Estonian law firm.

Representing the fast-growing group of debt collection companies, Easy Debt Services
Representing in a series of debt recovery, foreclosure (mortgages, bills, etc.) and transaction disputes, debt negotiations etc.
Representing a fast-growing group of SME companies providing financing services
This representation covers a wide range of services - from drafting company contracts, competition, insurance issues, to negotiation, pre-litigation and litigation with debtors, as well as coordinating complex debt restructuring and recovery process.
Represented another well-known debt collection company in a number of cases arising from bank financing transactions (loans, factoring, etc.).
Cases include bankruptcy, restructuring, collateral enforcement, transaction litigation. The total amount of litigation amounted to approximately EUR 50 million.
Represented large foreign banks in a case concerning the recognition and enforcement of a foreign court (UK) judgment in Lithuania against a well-known Lithuanian company and its shareholder.
The case raised complex issues of recognition of a foreign judgment (conformity of the judgment with Lithuanian law), search of the defendant's property, etc.
Represented one of the largest Lithuanian banks in its bankruptcy case to seek damages and recover damages from former members of the bank's governing body.
The amount of litigation is one of the highest in the history of Lithuania. The case raised complex legal issues with an international element, as well as issues related to the search of the defendants' property and the enforcement of the judgment in Lithuanian and foreign jurisdictions.
Represented one of the largest manufacturing companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina in a series of bankruptcy disputes.
Disputes related to the invalidity of transactions, powers of management bodies and their liability, factoring and bankruptcy issues. The total amount of disputes exceeded EUR 300 million.
Represented a former manager of one of the largest Lithuanian consortium companies in a case against a company previously managed by a client
In the case, the client was sued for alleged damages, while the company also sought to prove and award damages from its former manager (the amount of the dispute was over EUR 1 million).
Represented a well-known scaffolding manufacturer in a number of disputes related to recoveries, debt recovery, and bankruptcy.
The client was also advised on business contracts, insurance and other issues.
Representing an insurance company in advising on insurance issues
As well as developing a strategy and position for dealing with problematic insurance events.
Represented a well-known fish processing company in a dispute over incorrectly calculated pollution charges.
Represented a well-known fish processing company in a dispute over incorrectly calculated pollution charges.
Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania (Master’s degree in Law)
Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania (Bachelor’s degree in Law)
Maribor University, Slovenia (international Erasmus studies)
Professional activities
from 2019
Law Firm Šenavičius ir partneriai RESPONSE, Associate Partner
Law firm TVINS, Senior Associate
Advokatų kontora Sorainen ir partneriai, Senior Associate
Estonian law firm Hansa Law Offices, Trainee
Vilnius Regional Court, Associate