Corporate Law
We advise clients on various complex corporate law and corporate shareholder structure issues, as well as coordinate mergers and acquisitions.
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Mergers & Acquisitions
Commercial contracts
Labour law
Intellectual property
Data protection
We provide ongoing professional support and guidance to our clients in the areas of personal data protection law, labour law and intellectual property law.
Our mission is to provide our clients with the kind of comprehensive legal advice that helps them to develop and grow their business. We draft reliable contracts and other legal documents, prepare by laws and other governance documents, and provide assistance in communication with state authorities, customers and business partners.
We are corporate law professionals
Our scope of legal services is truly comprehensive. We can cover everything from easy and fast business set up, adjustments of authorized capital or corporate conversion processes, to complex transactions of company acquisitions, M&As, bond issues or non-standard shareholder agreements. No matter how complex or unusual the issue, our accumulated experience enables businesses to move forward in a smooth and reliable way.
Prevention of disputes with employees
The proper implementation of labour law provisions helps businesses to maintain stable and productive relationships with their employees. With this in mind, we leverage our extensive know-how in this field to help our clients create strong employment contracts and other agreements with their employees. We can also draft bylaws and advise businesses on complex labour law issues.
Sustainable business development
Our goal is to maximize the protection of our business client's interests. Our professional assistance helps businesses to get off to a good start. We draft contracts, ensure real protection of intellectual property and reduce operational risks. It is our job to keep our clients informed about new legal requirements, as well as to provide precise and business-friendly solutions that will help them to meet them.
Protection of personal data
Every business has to ensure personal data protection measures. We have been working in this area of law for a number of years and are well aware of its practical nuances. We constantly advise banks, payment service providers and other financial institutions operating in Lithuania and abroad, as well as main supermarkets, international manufacturing and service companies. Not only do we help to enforce personal data protection requirements, but we also provide sound and trustworthy legal assistance in times of personal data crisis.
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