Dispute Resolution
We advise and represent companies and natural persons on a wide range of dispute related issues.
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Contract disputes
Shareholder disputes
Public procurement disputes
Administrative proceedings
Insurance disputes
We advise and represent companies and natural persons on a wide range of dispute related issues.
Our extensive professional experience allows us to provide expert solutions for credit and other financial products, public procurement, restructuring and insolvency, agro-business, shareholders’ disputes, company management liability, contractual disputes, property, product quality, administrative, debt recovery, and libel.
100+ disputes a year
Every year, we represent clients in over 100 disputes - defending our clients’ interests in various fields.
Cross-border litigation
We are experienced in arbitration and international proceedings. We can recognize and enforce judgments rendered by foreign courts or arbitral awards, as well as ensure the enforcement of a future judgment. This is particularly relevant for international businesses, and those who need to protect their reputations through out-of-court dispute resolution.
We provide extra mile dispute services
A favorable court judgement is often not the end of a dispute. That is why we take preventive actions and engage in public reputation building at the client’s request.
We can handle complex issues
The size and experience of our Dispute Resolution team allows us to handle multiple disputes simultaneously. We can assume control of a client’s entire dispute portfolio and participate in group dispute resolution projects.
We listen and are business-minded
Our first choice is always to suggest strategies that will help clients avoid litigation, unless that is their best option. When Litigation is unavoidable, we will deliver solutions that are tailor-made to suit the client’s business needs.
Creating New rules
Our experience shows that success in disputes in the regulated sector can change the rules of the entire field. We are proud of our courtroom victories that have brought about change.
We understand the price of victory
The value businesses receive from victory in the courtroom can go beyond financial gain. They can save or cement reputation or provide businesses much needed space to develop their operations. As a legal company that is keenly aware of the needs of international business, we work to provide solutions that help businesses prosper.
Speed matters
We understand that in business, time is of the essence. That is why we work hard to deliver solutions in a timely fashion.
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